Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where do all the visitors come from?

A: We purchase our traffic from partner sub-wholesalers that are affiliated with some of the largest traffic exchanges and advertising networks on the Internet. The traffic itself is a combination of pop-under, pop-up, and expired domain traffic. With pop-ups and pop-under methods, when someone visits a web page, your page would appear behind theirs. When they close the window they are viewing, they see yours! Primarily though, your traffic is the result of expired domains. This is an ingenious way of making sure that visitors don't end up at dead ends on the Internet. What happens is that every day, there are high traffic sites that go out of business. Their domains generate traffic long after they are history. When a strong domain becomes available, it is purchased for 1 year and put into the pool of active domains. Once it starts to dwindle, it is pulled out and replaced with another high producing site. The great thing about this is that your page will be viewed directly. If they enter the name of the "out of business" domain, instead of getting an error, they will see YOUR page. People are more likely to view your page when they have caused it to appear. There are no limits to the number of people that can see your campaign aside from the number of visitors you purchase.

Q: How long will it take to get the visitors?

A: Once you make your purchase, we have your campaign setup typically within 12-24 hours. Most of the time it is less than 12 hours. Our delivery speed timeframes are based upon the quantity and type of traffic. Most traffic is delivered within 30 days or less. BULK traffic may take extensively longer to deliver. We will not guarantee a set number of visitors per day and some campaigns are set with daily caps, so it may appear your traffic has frozen when in reality it has met goal for the day. No legitimate company should promise a certain number of visitors to you per day. What happens if they come up short? Will they cheat to deliver? Will they fail to deliver and then upset you? We won't do either. We'll tell you will have 100% of your visitors by the last day of your campaign though. It could take a little less time to deliver though. You can always contact us when speed is an issue in either direction. We have the ability to make changes and alterations. Some days you may notice more visitors than others. This, we cannot completely control, but contact us if your campaign is moving too fast or too slow for you and we'll see what we can do. Regardless, we guarantee that you will get the number of visitors promised.

Q: What type of sites do you not allow?

A: We cannot accept sites that contain content or links/banners to adult sites with pornographic images or links. The main landing page for the advertisement:

Can NOT contain any other popup windows.
Can NOT have background music or sounds.
Can NOT contain scripts that alter users browser settings.
Can NOT contain any frame breaking codes.

Q: How do I know if the traffic I paid for has been delivered?

A; Once your campaign has started, you will receive an email with your user name and password. Log in to monitor your campaign. You can click the STATISTICS link above to enter your user name and password as well. At the end of your campaign, you receive an automatic email letting you know it has ended. We will tell you up front that our counter is considered the TRUE counter. What makes your counter not match up with ours? Well, some will match up 100%, but usually yours will be lower than ours. For visitors that are delivered with the POP-UNDER method, those that have a POP-UP BLOCKER will not see your site, but it will count as 1 visitors on our end as the visitor was delivered but refused at the other end. Connection speed at the receiving computer makes a difference if someone closes the window before your counter or server counts the visitor. If you are selling fax machines and the person can tell that before the page loads completely, they may close it and move on. Think of your own Internet habits and you may be able to relate. The biggest waste of visitors is when your site is down for some reason and you don't realize it. If you know it, you can login and freeze your campaign, but if you don't, you could lose a good chunk of visitors that our server keeps delivering having no way of knowing that your site is down. The potential visitor just gets an error. So, know that we deliver what we promise and can back that up on our end, but if your counter doesn't match ours, don't automatically think you have been scammed. Contact us and let's look into your situation together.

Q: Do you generate visitors as HITS or by using SPAM or other unethical techniques?

A: ABSOLUTELY NOT! You are purchasing VISITORS from us, not HITS. Avoid HIT campaigns that count every graphic on a page and make 1 visitor equal 10 hits so you only really get 10% of what you pay for on average. So when your statistics show 500 "hits" from our statistic monitor, that actually means 500 VISITORS. We never send email or post to newsgroups. The visitors are real users. Many of our customers find us from a page that ended up in front of them while they were browsing the Internet. That is an example of how our pages appear. Full pages as pop unders so as not to be an annoyance to someone viewing a page they have chosen to visit, or by direct browser entry. (See "Where do all the visitors come from?" at the top of this page.)

Q: What is your refund policy? Do you guarantee sales?

A: We guarantee to deliver the number of visitors we promise within the time frame promised (assuming a time frame has been promised,) otherwise within a 'reasonable' time. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES CAN ANY LEGITIMATE COMPANY IN OUR INDUSTRY GUARANTEE SALES FROM TRAFFIC! We stand behind our guarantee to deliver your TRAFFIC ONLY though. Why? Think of it like this. Let's say you sell fax machines (which are practically obsolete now anyhow to many) and you buy 10,000 visitors from us to point to your fax machine home page. We deliver as promised but you get no sales or maybe only one sale but you hoped for 100 sales. What happened? Out of 10,000 people that viewed your site, it is entirely possible that nobody was interested in purchasing a fax machine. With millions and millions of Internet users out there, 10,000 amounts to a tiny number of the Internet population. Should you purchase 600 million visitors then? Sure, we'd love that, but realistically, no. Your goal in buying traffic should be to get exposure, increase your ranking in popularity, and of course get sales. But remember, not everyone that sees your page will want what you sell. Although most of our business comes from direct hits to our site produced by the very traffic that we sell, imagine how many people see our site and have no desire to even own their own Internet business, let alone buy traffic. We have run campaigns of 25,000 pointed to ourselves and the results vary every time. Sometimes, not even ONE sale. Sometimes several. Sometimes just one or two. We just keep sending that traffic and hoping for those sales. You can visit other traffic companies that will produce pretty graphs and charts showing you that if you purchase 10,000 visitors, and you have a product with a net profit of just $5 and only 1% of those 10,000 visitors makes a purchase, you'll make $500 in net profits. Imagine the possibilities. OK, well we have a response to that. Set your goals realistically based on reality. 1% response is what you hope for when you send out 1,000,000 mail order packets of special offers in the mail that have a variety of things that appeal to everyone. Set your expectations lower for your realistic return on investment when you are advertising on the Internet. Speaking from experience, you will sometimes spend more than you recover in sales for quite a while before you succeed. Here's another example. Let's say your site is BRAND NEW! Some sites are easy to tell how new they are, like a brand new auction site with no items for sale listed. Many people are going to think twice before they list an item. People tend to ask themselves one important question on the Internet... "WHAT IF THIS IS A SCAM?" There are a lot of them out there. There are even a lot of them within the traffic industry. So, ask us for our honest opinion on your site. We're not in the business of web design, but we'll tell you our honest opinion if you ask. Sometimes, we'll send you some advice when you don't ask. We want your campaign to be successful. We want you to come back. We'd like your feedback and hope you'll ask for ours as well.

Q: What if I have a question that isn't covered by this FAQ?

A: Email us your questions by clicking CONTACT US from any page on our site.


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